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Help for Mihov Gallery Creator Mihov Gallery Creator

Help for version 0.9.2

Contents of this file:

  1. Using the program
    1. Description of the program
    2. Seting the language
    3. Creating Galleries
    4. Uploading files to the internet
  2. If you don't have a home page yet
  3. Questions
  5. Updates
  6. How can I help?

Using the program

Description of the program

Mihov Gallery Creator is a useful program for creating picture galleries or 'albums' for the internet. It automatically creates HTML pages for your pictures with a link to the previous and the next picture and an extra index file with links to all the pictures. It also uploads the created files and the pictures. Each gallery can be formatted and can include thumnails of the images and custom description for each image. After the gallery is created it can be previewed and the uploaded to the internet.No knowledge of HTML is required.

Seting the language
You can change the language settings of the program by selecting the item 'Language' from the main menu. Select your favorite language from the drop down menu. Currently, these languages are supported: English (default), Slovenian, German, Spannish, Polish, Italian, and Portuguese.
To add your own language to the program please use the 'Language' menu item and select 'Add your own language on line'. A web page will open where you will be able to translate all the expressions from the program to your language.

Creating Galleries
It is easy to use the program.
  1. On the left side choose the folder where the pictures are saved.

  2. On the right side choose pictures by holding down the 'CTRL' or 'Shift' key and clicking on the pictures. If you want the pictures in different order, reorder them before selecting by clicking on the 'up' and 'down' buttons.Check the 'Preview images' checkbox  in the lower part of the program to see the images.
    If the pictures aren't saved on the hard disk, but you have saved the file names (e.g. you have the files already on the internet nad you have a list of files), you can open the file 'dirlist.txt', which is a standard text file that contains exact file names - each line contains one file name. You can load this names by right-clicking on the file list area and selecting 'Open file dirlist.txt'. When the contents are loaded, you can continue the normal way.

  3. In the lower part of the window the look of the gallery is selected. Select title size, title font and style, as well as title color and background color. Enter the title text that will be written above every picture and the name under which the files should be saved. If you want the program to create thumbnails for the gallery select the 'Create thumbnails' check box.
    If you want to include some sound clips to the gallery you can do it by checking the 'Add mp3 file to the gallery' check box. One clip comes for one picture and the clip name must be the same as the image name (excluding the file extension, of course).
    Example: If you have pictures named baby.jpg, window.jpg and home.jpg in folder c:\pic you can create a mp3 file for each picture (when I cteate a gallery with sound I record my saying what is on the picture and why it is special). You name this mp3s baby.mp3, window.mp3 and home.mp3 and put them in the same folder, that is c:\pic. Than you run Mihov Gallery Creator, select the folder c:\pic, select the three images on the file list, type in the name of the gallery (i.e. family) and check  'Add mp3 to each file' and click on the 'Create!' button. The sounds will be played with the gallery. Note: this feature is only supported by Internet Explorer.

  4. If you want to preview the images as you work check the 'Preview images' check box. A new window will open where you will see the selected picture. The picture will be resized to smaller size so it will fit better to the desktop. You can adjust the zoom power like this: increase the windowsize  by left clicking on the image and decrease window size by right clicking on the image.

  5. If you want the gallery to include description for each picture open the preview window like described in previous paragraph. You will see a small text box bellow the image. You can write the description for each picture there. The text will automatically be added to the gallery. The program saves this descriptions even for the next run. If you change picture names or path the descriptions will be lost. If you want to delete current description click the yellow 'x' button next to description.

  6. Press the 'Create' button and the gallery will be created. You can see how much work is done by observing the blue progress meter.

  7. The program asks you if you want to upload created files, preview the gallery or do nothing.
    • preview gallery: the created gallery will open in your default web browser where you will be able to view the result as it is. If you're not happy with the gallery you can go back to the program and correct some settings.
    • upload gallery: if you want to put the whole gallery on the internet and you already have a web account you can select this option. A new window will open (Upload Helper application). See section Uploading pictures to the internet.
    • nothing: you will return to the program where you will be able to correct the settings for the gallery or start making another gallery. The gallery files are saved to your hard disk.

Uploading files to the internet
Choose 'FTP' -> 'Upload to the internet' in the prgram main menu.
  1. On the left side choose directory and files, that you want to upload. Choose several files by holding down 'CTRL' key and click on the files.
  2. On the right side enter host name (e.g. ftp.xoom.com), user name and password.
  3. Click on the 'Connect' button.
  4. When connected, you can change upload directory. You can do that by clicking on the 'Change directory' button and entering the desired name.
  5. [If upload directory does not exist, create it by clicking the 'Create directory' button and entering the desired name.]
  6. When the connection is opened and desired directory is selected, click on the '------>' button to start file transfer.
  7. After all the files have been uploaded click on the 'Disconnect' button.

If you don't have a home page yet
If you don't have a home page yet create one. You can buy web space or you can get it free from many free web space providers. Use search engines to find them - a good one to start with is Google.
If you get free space, usually the commercial message will apear on your page (or in a popup window) when a visitor arrives. This providers usually offer from 10 up to 200 or more megabytes of free space. It is a good thing if the provider offers upload via FTP protocol. If so, you will be able to use the upload feature from Mihov Gallery Creator.

You can find answers to your questions in the on-line forum located at http://forum.mihov.com. You are also incouraged to give answers to other users on the forum.

You can download the latest version of the program from the programs web page located at http://www.mihov.com/sw/en/gc.php . If you would like to try other freeware programs written by me, check my freeware web page at http://www.mihov.com/eng/ .

I have a list of users e-mail addresses and when a new version or update comes out I send everyone a short note. If you want to subscribe to the list go to http://www.mihov.com/sw/en/gc.php and enter your real e-mail address.
If you want to check if you are using the latest version of the program check the programs web page or visit the update center at http://www.mihov.com/update/.

How can I help?
  1. Spread the word about the program.
    • If you know someone who might need such a program, send them the link to the programs web site at http://www.mihov.com/eng/ and suggest them to download the program.
    • If you know a publisher of a computer magazine or if you are one, suggest publishing a review of the program in the magazine.
  2. To save my time, more experienced users can help users who encounter problems. Log into the forum at http://forum.mihov.com and try to answer some questions. This way you will be known as an 'expert' and you will feel good that you can help someone who needs help.
  3. Send me a postcard and tell me that you appreciate what I do (you can get my address here ). You can also send me a real letter and add your picture in there! But please don't send me e-cards or e-mails since my mailbox is already full all the time - if you want to say thanks on-line, use the forum.
  4. Try to persuade me that developing freeware will help me buy my own appartment and donate a few Dollars for a beer.
  5. Translate the program!
    If your language is not already included with this version of the program go to the Translation Centre and add your translation of the program. I will include your name in the program!

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Updated: 11.3.2005

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